Hi, my name is Barak Stanley.  I received my Bachelor's and Master's degree in communications, as well as my multiple subject teaching credential from California State University, Fullerton.  I am currently working on my Doctorate in Educational Technology at Boise State University. My professional experience has revolved around teaching elementary school students.  I have been working in education for over ten years as a tutor, mentor, substitute teacher, and full-time teacher.  

I am currently a fourth-grade teacher in Downey Unified School District. I have had the pleasure to serve as the Teacher Technology Lead for Rio Hondo Elementary, as well as I was a member of the fourth-grade Instructional Leadership Team. I established the first Rio Hondo Tech Squad in January 2019.  I am excited to start my new position as Categorical Resource Teacher at Unsworth Elementary for the 2019-20 school year!

During the 2015-16 school year I was a first- and second-grade teacher at Skyline North Elementary School in Barstow, California.  I co-taught with another teacher, which means that I had two separate classes throughout the day, for a total of 60 students.  I attempted to implement as much technology into my students' learning as conceivable.  In addition, I was one of the leads for my school's safety team, which created a plan in case there happened to be any type of emergency or disaster at the school.

My research interests related to educational technology and mass communication. My master's thesis focused on an exciting new type of computer-mediated communication, which creates new ways for users to connect with their fellow users.  Therefore, I think that by researching the technological advancements of social media in education, it could open up very innovative and stimulating research opportunities.  I am also interested in researching how technology can influence students and teachers at the elementary school level.  I enjoy researching ways that technology can enhance teacher's strategies to help students learn more effectively and efficiently in the elementary classroom.  

About ME

Educator ~ Researcher ~ Leader

Barak D. Stanley